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Creating a User

You can add as many users to the system as your license will allow.
Please contact your Client Success Manager or sales@ivvy.com to have additional users added to your account.

Users can be restricted in what they can view in the software program by either manually setting access for each user, or adding users to a User Group which will have a policy applied to the user. The second approach is the most common if you have a large user base to keep consistency across your users and venues.


Creating a User

To Create a New User; navigate to Global Section - Settings  > Users > Users.

And complete the following;

  • Click "Add User" and give the user a 

Username - This will be used to log into the iVvy system. Usernames must be unique for each user.

Email Address - This will be the email address that all emails are sent from within iVvy. Note: The same email address can be used by multiple users.

Password - You can create and share a password, or simply create a generic password, and users can set the own password on first login.

  • If you have created User Groups to make applying rights easier (if you have lots of users) choose the group, and you will notice you can no longer set individual access rights for this user.

    Find out more about User Groups.

  • If you don’t have User Groups click on the “+” symbol next to each section and tick the features you want the user to have access to. If you want the user to have access to everything, tick the “All” tickbox on the right of each section.

  • Click "Save".

Your user will now be able to login at:

AU - www.ivvy.com.au/a/[your account name]

UK - www.ivvy.com.co.uk/[your account name]

US - www.ivvy.com/[your account name]


Removing a User

Should a user need to be disabled from the system. For Example they no longer work for your Venue/Company.

We would highly recommend Disabling the user than deleting them as this will enable you to keep the historical data of what function and events they were involved in.

When deleting a user the data (coordinator/sales person section) will be removed and a new user will have to be selected before you are able to do anything with the function/event.

To disable a user select the user and click "Change Status" from Active to Inactive.


Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

Edit - Allow to edit the Existing User.

Delete - Allow to delete the Existing User.

Change Status - Allow you to select between active or not active for the User. 


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