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Creating User Groups

User Groups allow you to make the assigning of policies, and individual events and individual venues for your users easy if you a large amount of them.

An example of how you would use this feature is: You want a sales policy that restricts sales team members to only being able to access the CRM, but not make changes to how the venue is setup. You may then want to group sales people into regions based on the properties that they are able to sell for.

Before you create the User Group, create the Policy (which parts of the application you want the users in this group to have access to) first.

Creating User Groups.

Navigate to Global Section - Settings  > Users > User Groups.


And complete the following steps

  1. Click "Add Group" .

  2. Give the group a Name and Description (for your own use), and select the policy that you want the users in this Group to have access to.

  3. Based on the Policy that you select, you will then be given options to select which events or venues users in this group will have access to.


Applying User Groups.

Navigate to Global Section - Settings  > Users > Users.

Click “Edit” next to the user you want to manage, and select the group and click “Save”.



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