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Defining Your Opportunities Stages

By default iVvy recommends a set of Opportunity Stages that your opportunities might progress through as part of your sales process.

If your process is different, and you require different stages, you can specify these in the global section of the settings.

To Define your Opportunity Stages

Navigate to Global Section - Settings  > CRM > Opportunity Stages.

Then type in the name for the Lead type and save. 

  1. From this screen you will be able to view the list of existing Stages where you can add new stages, delete existing stages, and sort them.
    Note; if you are wanting to change and/or delete an existing stage I would highly recommend caution as this will effect reporting within the system.

  2. To create a new stage click on the “Add Stage” button

  3. Give the stage a Name

  4. Select a colour to make it easy to visually see the stages that opportunities are up to on the opportunities screen.


To Define Reasons within each Stage

An effective way of managing and understanding your business is to record why the client is on a particular stage.

Each stage you can add your own reasons, which will be able to viewed through some of the reports.

The most popular ones stages for reasons are as follows;

  • Won - why you were successful in winning the business.
    For Example; Repeat business, Value for money, Service, Location, Package inclusions etc.

  • Lost - why you were successful in winning the business.
    For Example; Location, Lack of numbers, Management preference, Terms & Conditions, Competitors deal etc.

  • Regretted - why your venue had turn down the business/function/event.
    For Example; Under-age Event, Numbers too small, Numbers too large, Do not cater for a certain style or type of event etc.   

  • Cancelled- why after booking the business/function/event is not going ahead.
    For Example; Lack of numbers, Management preference, Terms & Conditions etc.


To add a reason select "Edit" on the stage of interest and complete the following;

  1. Click the "Reasons" tab.

  2. Add a new reason by clicking "Add Reason"

  3. To amend a existing one click "edit"
    and click "Save"

NOTE; Changing a name completely will also change your historical data.

Should you delete a opportunity stage from the system that has been used the lead/opportunity that it has been assigned to will be marked blank and the historical data changed. Next time you are in that quote/booking you will need to reassign a new lead & opportunity stage in its place.It is best moving forward should you no longer need a particular lead & opportunity stage to mark/change the name slightly to know not to use for future bookings but to keep historical data.

You cannot remove the won and lost stages as they are required for reporting.



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