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Setting up your Venue Details

The Venue Details Tab allows you to customise the following during your venue audit:

  • Your Company Information to be merged into your document templates

  • Information for your Invoices

  • Marketplace Listing Profile

Company Details

  • Navigate to Setup > Venue Details > Company Details

  • Confirm your Business Name, Business Number and Address to be displayed on your documents and Marketplace / Booking Engine Listing

  • Click the Confirm Pin Location to set your location on Google Maps

  • Add the Phone, Fax and Email address to be displayed on your invoice

  • Confirm your Locale, Currency and Time-zone

  • Set what month your Financial Calendar Starts. You can create your own calendar with 12 custom reporting periods from Global Settings > Venues > Calendars

  • Set your unit measurement 

  • Auto Update Opportunity / Booking Status - With this set to yes, a Tentative Booking will automatically be changed to Confirmed once a Deposit Invoice has been marked as Paid in iVvy

  • Add in a Logo to be displayed on your invoice

  • If using Digital Signage you can access the XML feed by selecting Enable Signage XML Feed = YES

  • If you charge service fees, select if your invoices will show these as individual line items for each charge, or if you wish to simply display a summary of the total service fee charged on the booking

  • Invoice Footer Text - Add in any additional details that you would like displayed on your invoice. This is the only part of our invoice template that you can apply changes to

  • Select which invoices to show tax on and select if you wish to summarise the tax charged by each individual cost centre

  • Auto assign a task to a user to remind them to create an invoice x days before an invoice is due

  • Select if your wish to line item a breakdown of the event on your Balance Invoices, and select if you wish to display paid invoices on the Final Tax Invoice

  • If using our Pay Now Button, select YES for this to appear on your invoices

  • Select if you would like iVvy to generate a sequential invoice number when marking your invoices as paid in iVvy

  • Click Save


Marketplace Profile

The Marketplace Profile will allow you to customise your free Marketplace Listing. The details added here will also display on your Booking Engine. To review your listing at anytime, click on the Marketplace Profile link in the top right corner of your venue page


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