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Setting the Room Hire Plans for Function Spaces

Different room hire plans and rates can be set for your function spaces. 

These can be based on calendar periods for use such as peak and non-peak periods, or rates can be also set such as weekly and weekend rates as well. 

To Create a new Room Hire Plan

  1. Navigate to Setup > Function Spaces > Room Hire Plans within the venue you wish to add the Room Hire plan. 

  2. Select  “Add Room Hire Plan”.

  3. Select the first tab "Room Hire Plan” complete the following:
      - Code; Select a code for your plan, for example “Peak” and give it an appropriate name.
      - Name.
      - Is Default; Yes/No - *If you select yes:  The default pricing structure to be visible on the Marketplace
                          - *If you select no: you have the option to restrict the plan to one or more of your user groups. 
      - Description; The description is for internal purposes if necessary.
      - Minimum Spend Revenue: Select which costs centres contribute to the minimum spend revenue.

  4. Select the second tab “Rates” tab across the top of the screen and select “Add Rate” and complete the following:
       - Colour: Selecting a colour will mark your calendar with this colour to let you know this pricing is in effect during this time.
       - Start & End Date: Add in the dates where this pricing structure will be in effect
       - Days Of The Week: tick the days it applies to.
       - Select the “Room Hire Rates” tab across the top of the screen and “Set the cost of function spaces in this rate” and select “Save”


  • When applying Room Hire Rates for half day, full day and night pricing;
    Additional information can be added to include the minimum and maximum hours/minutes applicable along with the timing of when the session can commence (available from) and conclude (available to).
    Apart from the price these options are not mandatory and can be left blank should you wish to not add the additional information to your Room Hire Rates.

    For example; a half day room rate is available for no more that 5 hours, or a night room rate is only available after 6pm and must conclude no later than 11pm. These are all stipulations that you can personalise based on your venue.

Repeat the process a for each rate plan required.

Multiple rates can be added to the one Room Hire Plan as long as the day of the week and the date do not overlap

Minimum Spend plans are required to be in their own plan whereas rate plans for Hourly, Half Day, Full Day and Night can all be combined into the one plan.

Find out more about Copying a Room Hire Plan.

Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

  • Calendar - View/change the rates for the function spaces in a calendar view.

  • Copy - Allow you to copy the rate plan in your venue

  • Edit - Allow to edit existing rate plan.

  • Delete - Allow to delete an existing rate plan.


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