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Adding a Sponsor

Sponsors can be added into the system to give them the relevant exposure that is usually included in a sponsorship. When adding a sponsor, the standard sponsorship levels can be used (platinum, gold, silver, bronze) or you can create custom ones, for more information refer Creating a Custom Sponsorship Level. Sponsors are groups via their sponsorship level and displayed on the sponsor screen.

To check sponsorships are turned on for your event

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Configure Tab
  2. Change “Include Sponsors” to “Yes” if it isn’t currently.
  3. Save

To add sponsors into your event

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Sponsors > Sponsor Settings
  2. Click on “Add Sponsor”
  3. If you use the same sponsors for multiple events, and have used the sponsor previously you are looking for you can select previous sponsor and hit save, otherwise create a new sponsor and continue.
  4. Fill in the name, website address and company description as you wish them to appear on the website
  5. Insert the sponsors logo
  6. Select the membership level. If you have custom levels turned on, and the level is not available you can select “Add” to the right of the box to add a new level.
  7. Select whether the sponsor is a dollar or a contra sponsor (this is for internal purposes only). If you select dollar, you can insert the amounts the sponsor has decided to sponsor (this too is for internal purposes)
  8. Save
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