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Products are items that can be sold to your clients. Unlike resources, once they are given to a client, you don’t get them back to give to another client.

Adding a New Product.

To create a new product Navigate to Setup > AV & Setup > Products within the venue you wish to add the resources for.
And click on “Add Product”. 


Next, complete the following:

  • Code. 

  • Name. 

  • Cost Centre; If the cost centre of interest is not available; find out more about Global Cost Centres or Venue related Cost Centres.

  • Active Status; if left blank it will be available all year round with no expiry.

  • Short Description.

  • Long Description - this description can be left blank if you do not require it.

  • Sale Price.

  • Cost.

  • Minimum and Maximum Purchase Quantity - only required if applicable.

  • Image.

Once saved the product will now be available to add to quotes and/or contracts of a detailed booking. This feature is not currently available for simple bookings.


Please see a guide below on each of the buttons.

Edit - Allow you to edit an existing product.

Copy - Allow you to copy the products into one or more of your venues in your account based on your access to the venues.

Delete - Allow to delete an existing product.

Change Status - Allow you to select between Active or Not Active for the product.



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