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Creating a new Opportunity

Creating an Opportunity

An opportunity is initially created when you receive a new enquiry from a customer or account. iVvy uses Opportunities to track your sales pipeline, conversion rates and enable the emailing features of the system.

It is the best practise to always create a new opportunity when you receive an enquiry.

Creating an opportunity will allow you to record the following details:

  • Contact Details of the Company and Contact

  • The Sales Person responsible for the opportunity

  • The Type of Opportunity. Example, Corporate, Private, Social, Member, Wedding etc

  • The Source of the Opportunity -  Where did the opportunity come from

  • The Channel - What communication method was used to attract the opportunity

  • The Quality - What is the chance that this opportunity will progress to a confirmed sale

  • The Stage - Where does this opportunity currently sit in your sales pipeline

All the above-bolded fields are mandatory in the iVvy system and help ensure team members capture this data which will be populated into the reporting features of iVvy.

If you have additional fields and information that you wish to capture during the enquiry stage, you are able to add these by navigating to Global Settings > CRM > Custom Fields. Learn more about Setting up your CRM

To create an Opportunity, you can:

  • Click onto any date in the Function Diary and click on Opportunity

  • Click the Blue + Button and click Opportunity

  • Navigate to Sales > Opportunities > Click on Add Opportunity


All three options will load the same page below. The first items to note are the vertical grey lines | . These denote mandatory fields that must be completed before you can save each page.

Working top to bottom down the screen, ensure that you fill in all the mandatory fields and any additional custom fields that you have created. Clicking the SAVE button will add this opportunity to the SALES > OPPORTUNITIES tab on the left of the screen.

Pro Tip: Best Practise is to always search for the contact or company first to see if they already exist in your database. If they do not appear, click on ADD to create a new contact or company. If the company or contact does exist but needs updating, select it and click on the EDIT button. 


Recording Activities and Tracking Emails


If you want to track and log your emails in iVvy that have been sent from your current email system, you can use the CC email address that is unique to each opportunity that you create.

  1. Click onto the Emails Tab

  2. Click on the Email Link (Or Copy into your email system)

  3. This will allow you to create a new email and cc in the correspondence into iVvy so that the rest of the team can see all communication. It will also allow you to forward any existing email chains back into iVvy.

  4. Pro Tip: If you need to send a Function Kit or Brochure to a customer, send it from your normal email address, and CC or BCC this email address at the same time so that your team can see that this email has been sent


iVvy has the ability to record Activities, which are a record of what you have done to secure the sale. They can include tracking your phone calls, emails, follow-ups, site inspections, networking events, etc. Learn more about Setting up your Activities. Managers will be able to use reports to track recorded activities over a set period of time.

To add an Activity:

  1. Add in the Activity Name

  2. Select the Type

  3. Select the Purpose of the Activity

  4. Select the Optional Start and End Date and Time of the Activity. Note: If you wish the Activity to show in your Activity Calendar, you will need to add in the time and date.

  5. Add in the Description of the Activity

  6. Create an Optional Follow-up Task. Learn more about Creating Tasks

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