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Creating a new Opportunity

Opportunities help you organise all the information relating to potential sales into a single place. This can include everything from tasks, activities, quotes, notes, and even emails. Opportunities have a status (which you can customise) that allows you to see at what stage each potential sale is up to.

Using the Opportunities tool will make you more productive, and increase your sales ability by helping you organise, plan and manage sales opportunities.

Opportunities can be added to the system in 2 ways;

  1. Automatically - A Opportunity can be added directly to your system from the iVvy marketplace or through your website widget when a potential client completes a Request For Proposal (RFP) application.
  2. Manually - You can manually create a Opportunity through the Function Diary within the Quote process.

Automatically created Opportunities - Unassigned Opportunities

  1. Navigate to Sales - Unassigned Opportunities.
  2. Select the Opportunity that has been created by the potential client via the Venues Website or Venue Marketplace
  3. Add any details that are marked by a vertical grey line indicating a compulsory section such as Industry.
  4. Select the Sales Person that you wish to be responsible for this Opportunity.
  5. Choose the ‘Stage’ that the Opportunity is currently at such Quote.
  6. Select Save.
  7. The Salesperson who is selected will receive an email to indicate they have received a new Opportunity to action.
  8. The Opportunity will also now appear in their list of Opportunities when the Sales Person navigates to Sales > Opportunities and searches by their Name.

To manually create a new Opportunity within the quote process;

  1. Navigate to Bookings - Function Diary
  2. Click on Add.
  3. Select Quote.
  4. Enter the Event Name.
  5. Enter Contact Type - Opportunities can be allocated to a contact, or a company. For either option, you will need to search for the contact / company or create a new one by pressing Add.
  6. Enter EventType - If the type of Event you require is not available, press Add and create a new one.
  7. Enter the Event Start Date and Event End Date.
  8. Specify if Accommodation is included.
  9. Specify if Dates are Flexible.
  10. Specify if the Food & Beverage is to be paid by Master Account or by the Guests.
  11. Specify if the Event has Packages.
  12. Specify if the Booking is Commissionable.
  13. Create Opportunity - Select Yes
  14. Choose the stage that the Opportunity is currently at within the Sales Process uch as Quote, Proposal Sent, Or Sales Call.
  15. Enter an estimated value for the event.
  16. Press Save.

Once you have created the Opportunity you will be able to create quotes, notes, tasks and activities that will be connected to this Opportunity. 

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