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Creating a new Quote

Creating a Quote in iVvy is the process of adding revenue to an opportunity or new enquiry, and sending a proposal document to your potential customer.

You can start the quote process directly from the function diary by clicking into the calendar on the desired function space and date, or by adding a quote to an existing opportunity. Both methods will follow the same instructions below.

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To add a Quote to an Opportunity:

  1. Click on the Quotes tab from within the Opportunity (see screenshot below)

  2. Click on Add Quote

  3. Amend the Reference Code as required (this must be a unique number and is automatically generated by default)

  4. Add in a Purchase Order # if known - This will display on your documents and invoices

  5. Give the Quote a Name. This should include the customer or company name, and the name of the event. This quote name will appear in the function diary, and on all documentation as the quote progresses through the booking life cycle.

  6. Confirm the contact details

  7. Select the event type - this will help to segment the revenue of this quote for your reports

  8. Select the Booking Type - “DETAILED”. A detailed booking allows you to create a booking that uses multiple spaces in your venue, or runs over multiple days. Please see the Creating a Simple Event Knowledge Article if your event is only on one day and only needs one space.

  9. Select if the booking is recurring or not. Note: You must first setup an Event Template to use a recurring booking. 

  10. Select the start and end dates for the booking. For a single day booking, these dates will be the same. For multi-day bookings, enter in the First Date the customer will be using the space and the Last Date the space will be used.

  11. Select if Accommodation is Required. Learn more about Adding Accommodation Blocks to a Booking- Need to write this next

  12. Select if the Food and Beverage for the booking will be invoiced to the client by selecting Master Account

  13. If you are creating a bespoke event, leave Event Template as No Event Template. If you have setup a list of Event Templates, select the appropriate template and confirm the price and cost centre allocation. Select the default space and layout for the main room the event template will be using. This space can be edited later.

  14. Add in the Total Attendees for the booking

  15. Select the Payment Terms for the quote

  16. Select if the booking is commissionable, and select the Agent who you will be paying the commission to. Learn more about Adding Agents to Manage Commissions

  17. Select an optional discount campaign. Learn more about Creating Discount Campaigns

  18. Assign any required Booking Roles. Learn more about Creating Booking Roles 

  19. Press SAVE

The Contacts tab allows you to add in additional contacts who may need to be included in any correspondence for the booking.

You can find your quote again at any time by clicking on the SALES > QUOTES tab on the left of the screen.

Learn more about Creating a Simple Quote / Booking

Learn more about Creating a Detailed Quote / Booking

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