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Converting a quote to a booking

Converting a Quote to a Tentative Booking

Once a customer has accepted your proposal you can move the quote to the tentative booking stage. Note: You can absolutely continue to edit the price and items that have been added to your quote as required, and send updated versions of the proposal. 

Before converting the quote to tentative we want to confirm that the space is still available. The easiest way to do this is to:

  1. Navigate to the Function Diary

  2. Go to the Date of the Quote

  3. Confirm that there are no other Tentative or Confirmed Bookings on at the same time

  4. Click on the Quote or navigate back to Sales > Quotes > Select your Quote

  5. Click on the Details Tab

  6. Click on Change Status

  7. Change the Status to Tentative

  8. Update the Opportunity Stage and Reason

  9. Confirm the Closed Date. You are able to retrospectively date stamp the date the quote was converted for reporting purposes

  10. Click Change

  11. The Quote will now be moved from Sales > Quotes to the Bookings Tab



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