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Printing The Diary

The Function Diary can be printed by displaying a singular venues' information or group of venues information from the one account. 


To print a Singular Venues' Function Diary

  1. Navigate to the venue of interest > Function Diary

  2. Once Legacy or New Diary (Beta) is chosen, Click on "Print".



To Print a Group of Venues' Function Diary at the one time

  1. Navigate to Suppliersalso known as your home page of your account.

  2. Select "Function Diary" tab.

  3. Select Version "New Diary (Beta).
    Note: This will not work for the Legacy Diary version.

  4. Tick the venues you would like to print in the one diary.

  5. Click "Search".

  6. Click on "Print".


Should you like to amend the group of venues; select "Start Again" located above the print button on the right hand side.



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