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Accommodation Group Room Reservations

Adding Room Reservations

Once your booking status has been changed to Confirmed, you will be able to add in your Room Reservations or Rooming Lists. If iVvy is integrated with your PMS, the Rooming List will automatically sync between iVvy and the PMS in a 2-way sync, meaning you can create the list in either system. Check in and check out will both be updated in both systems through the integration.


  1. Click on Room Reservations

  2. Click Add Reservation

  3. Select New Guest or Existing Guest. 
    New Guest - Please enter in the mandatory fields
    Existing Guest - Search for the guest in the search bar

  4. Click on Rooms

  5. Click Add Room

  6. Select the Group Room Type the guest will be sleeping in

  7. Confirm the arrival and departure dates

  8. Confirm the Number of Adults and Children staying in the room

  9. Select if this guest is the primary contact for the room or is a guest accompanying another contact

  10. Select if you wish to override the sleeping capacity of the room

  11. Click on Additional Guest and click Add Guest if there are additional contacts sharing a room

  12. Click Rates 

  13. Confirm the individual room rate being charged


Setting the Status of a Room Reservation

Once your guests pay and arrive at the venue, you can use iVvy to update the status of each reservation. Note: If you have integrated iVvy with your PMS, the status will be updated in a 2-way sync between systems.

  1. Select a Reservation(s)

  2. Click Change Status. The options are
    Check In
    Check Out

  3. This list can be printed or exported by clicking the Print Page and Export Data buttons


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