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Charging for Adhoc Items in Bookings - Additional Items

Adding an Additional Item

We will now skip to the Additional Items Tab. Additional Items allow you to add in any other bespoke item that has not been added to your setup, or to provide a line item discount that will be visible on the proposal document and invoices.

Adding an additional item.

  1. If you are still "IN" the session, click on the breadcrumb link to go back to your quote

  2. Click on Additional Items

  3. Click on Add Item

  4. Give the Item a Name in the Description section

  5. If you want the item to appear on your Event Order (BEO) enter the date and time

  6. Add the Quantity of this item

  7. Allocate the cost centre of where the revenu for this item will be reported to

  8. Confirm the Sale price of this item

  9. Press Save


Adding an additional item as a discount line item


  1. Complete steps 1-6 above, giving the description of item as a discount - such as 10% Discount off Food and Beverage, or $100 Room Hire Discount or VIP Voucher Used

  2. Under the Sale Price, enter the amount as a negative(-) amount. This will remove this amount from the cost centre you have selected and will appear as a negative amount on the summary screen and as a negative line item on your invoices


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