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Standard Venue Reports

Standard iVvy reports allow you to: 

  • View a report.

  • Set the columns you would like to display.

  • Filter the report to show the relative data.

  • Save filters by clicking on Save Search once you apply your preferred filters.

  • Share these filters with other users by clicking on Manage > Tick the Filter Name > Select the users who you want to share the filter with.

  • Export into Excel as a .CSV file.

Note: Users will need to ensure that they have access to export data first.
Find out more about Creating User Polices or navigate to Setup > Users > Policies.

Click below for further information on how each report can be filtered and the data that is available to you.
To view these reports, navigate to Setup > Reports > Reports.


Printing your Report

Once you have adjusted your Set Columns the report can be printed by clicking the Print Page button located on the right hand side at the top.



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