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Using the Report Builder

The Report Builder tool is available to save your preferred columns and field order, and to schedule reports to be emailed at your preferred time. Each staff member can build their own report, with their own preference of columns displayed and the order they are displayed in.

You are able to use the report builder to schedule

You can access the Report Builder from the home screen of iVvy

  1. Click on Suppliers

  2. Click on Report Builder

  3. Click Add Report

  4. Name your Report

  5. Select the Report Type. See links above for the contents of each report

  6. Select the Venue(s) or Venue Group that you would like to be included in this report

  7. Click Next

  8. Select the fields that you would like to be included in the report

  9. Set the display order for the fields. Use the 8 dots to drag and drop the order, and plress Save Sort Order to lock them in place

  10. Depending on the report selected, enter in any required criteria, such as opporunity created date, booking date range or salesperson

  11. Select when you want the report to be generated, and who the report will be emailed to

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