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Venue Group Reports

The following standard and generated reports can be used to create a single report from multiple venues in the one account.

These reports can be created by the following ways:

  • A single venue within the account.

  • All venues within the same account.

  • A venue group within the same account. Find out more about Creating a Venue Group

  • A selection of venues (this can only be used on the generated reports)

The Group Reports are basically the same as the standard Venue reports, however they report across all of your venues instead of just an individual venue. 

Data can also be exported into a csv file so you can also manipulate the data manually in a spreadsheet to your needs.

These can be found by navigating to: Venues > Group Reports

Click below for further information on how each report can be filtered and the data that is available to you.

  • Group Discount Report - Generated
    A summary of revenue by Discount Campaign and by booking for a given date range.

  • Group Catering Pace Report - Generated
    Catering revenue summary by month with comparisons to budget and last year.

  • Group Accommodation Monthly Pace Report - Generated
    Accommodation revenue summary by month with comparisons to past years.

  • Group Production Report - Generated
    Goals to Sales person for Production Report.



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