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Turning on Accommodation for your Venue

If you have rooms that you can book out for accommodation, then you need to turn on the accommodation feature of iVvy to be able to load your rooms to bookings. 

Once the accommodation is turned on and rooms are built under the setup of your venue, you can add the accommodation to a quote/booking - this information can be populated on your proposal or contract documents by a click of a button.


Step One - Turning on Accommodation. 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Venue Details > Marketplace Profile tab.

  2. Change "Has Accommodation" To Yes.

  3. Specify how many rooms you would like a potential client to book immediately without consultation through an online channel. (Max # Immediately Booked Rooms).

  4. Enter the amount of Total rooms are available within the venue.

  5. Enter Max Capacity, Check In time and Check Out time if required.

  6. Press Save.


Step Two - Completing the Accommodation Settings.

Navigate to Setup > Accommodation > Settings and complete the default settings (based on number of days prior to event/booking).

  • Cut off date. 

  • Block Cancellation date.

  • Reservation Cancellation date.

And click Save.


Step Three - Adding Accommodation Rooms to your Venue. 

Adding your different room types to your venue will populate your Group Room Control (GRC) and allow you to integrate iVvy with your PMS. Learn more about our Current PMS Integration Partners.

To create a room:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Accommodation > Rooms.

  2. Click on Add Room.

  3. Enter a name for the Accommodation Room, E.g. Standard Single.

  4. Select a room category. This will help filter your rooms on your Booking Engine.
    Find out more about Adding Room Categories for your Accommodation.

  5. Enter the total number of rooms for this room type you have at your property.

  6. Add in a description. This will merge into your documents and display on your booking engine.

  7. Add in an Image. This will also merge into your documents and display on your booking engine.

  8. Enter the Number of Adults and Extra Adults the room can accommodate. 

  9. Enter the price for an additional adult to stay in this room.

  10. Select if the room is Smoking or Non-Smoking.

  11. Select if you would like the room type to display on the Marketplace. This will also determine if this room is displayed on your booking engine.

  12. Click Save.

  13. Repeat for each room type.



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