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Copying Menus

Copying a menu is a very simple and easy process. Menus can be copied within the one venue or across multiple venues within one account. 

To copy a menu

  1. Navigate to Setup > Food & Beverage > Food > Menus within the venue you wish to add the menu for.

  2. Select the menu in question.

  3. Click the “Copy” button (do not click the edit button on the right hands side as you will not be able to copy from here). 

  4. A new menu with the same name will be created with the word (copy) on the end. You can now edit the menu, change the name to something relevant, and make the necessary adjustments you require. 

    NOTE: Menu items within the menu you copy are the identical items to that of the original menu/item. If you amend/change one menu item from the copied menu (or vise versa) this will automatically update the menu item in the original menu or anywhere else that it has been used.

For Example - The menu items are identical in a 2 Hour, 3 Hour and 4 Hour Canape menu. However the number of items and the cost for the menu is different for each of these menus. 

Once you have created the menu and menu items you could copy the menu and adjust the name and small description to reflect the number of hours and canapes available for that particular menu.
The menu items itself would not need to be adjusted so they remain identical.
When the time comes to update the menu items this process would only need to be completed in one of the three canape menus as those identical menu items will automatically be updated at the same time.


Find out more about Creating Menus should you be interested in creating a menu from scratch instead.

Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

Edit - Allow to edit the existing menu.

Copy - Allow you to copy the menu into one or more of your venues in your account based on your access to the venues.

Delete - Allow to delete an existing menu.

Change Status - Allow you to select between active or not active for the menu



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