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Copying or moving a booking

Copying a Booking

To copy a booking

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings

  2. Select the booking to be copied

  3. Click Copy

  4. Search for the existing opportunity, or create a new opportunity if you wish to use this booking as a template for another customer.

  5. Select the contact/company for this booking

  6. Select the status for the copied booking

  7. Select the start date. Note: Always confirm the availability before copying a booking, as some conflicting sessions/functions may not be copied correctly if a conflict of that space exists. You will be prompted with an aleart to say some sessions/functions were not copied. These will need to be re-added manually to the copied booking

  8. Click save.

Moving a Booking

If you need to move a booking, then you will need to use the move function as if you change the dates of the booking rather than “moving it” then the sessions attached to the booking will not be affected and still be on the “previous date”.

To move a booking:

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings

  2. Select the booking that you wish to move

  3. Click Move

  4. Select the new start date for the booking. Note: You will be alerted if there is a conflict with another booking. Always check the function diary before moving a booking

Please Note: All tasks associated with the booking will be moved. A dialogue box will appear to let you know that they will move the tasks and if Yes is clicked it will update the due dates.


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