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Adding Room Categories for your Accommodation

Room categories are displayed on your Website Booking Engine and on the iVvy Marketplace

If you don’t want to display individual rooms such as “Ocean View Villa” then you can create categories for people to select from such as “single”, “double” or “twin share” and then you can make the placement for the booking later.

Room categories are global, and are used across all venues in your iVvy account (they can be personalised but will be seen by all venues). 

To add a room category navigate to Global Settings   > Venues > Room Categories.


Select Add Category, give the category a name and save.


Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

  • Edit - Allow you to edit an existing room category type.

  • Delete - Allow you to delete an existing room category type.

  • Save Sort Order - located on the left hand side of each Room Category will enable you to Click and Drag to sort to an order of your choice. The Save Sort Order button must be clicked after completing/before leaving the page.  



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