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Editing Multiple Sessions in a Quote / Booking

Navigating your Sessions

Once you have created your first session you will find yourself “IN” the session. You will know that you are in a session by the visible tabs across the screen:

  • Session Name

  • Food & Beverage

  • Resources

  • Products

  • Notes

  • Setup Requirements

You can navigate back “OUT” of a session at any time by clicking the Breadcrumb hyperlink that will be the name of your quote/booking. You can return to a session by selecting the session and clicking on EDIT.

Session Shortcuts

Copy Sessions
If you have multiple similar sessions to setup, you are able to copy sessions. First, add all of the required items using the steps below, then select the session and click on COPY. Here you can copy the session to the same or different day, time and space.

Edit Multiple Sessions (Or Multiple Items of a session
Once you have copied a session, you can select the copied session and click edit multiple. Here you can edit the space and layout, the contact, the start and end time, number of attendees, and the event template being used for the session.


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