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Offshoring Masterclass Accounting - Melbourne Bayview Eden Morning - 28th July 2015

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 from 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Melbourne Bayview Eden Conference Room, Melbourne, Australia


Smithink Accounting Masterclass


We are excited to launch this new event to cater for those who want to learn more immediately after the Smithink event.

If you are part of an accounting firm and did not attend the event you are welcome to join. Content applies to all Accounting firms.

We include precise recommendations on how best for you to execute.

Full set of take-away workbooks for you to use as you execute your strategy.

100% success rate from all our clients, as compared with a general 50% failure rate for other Aussie businesses setting up offshore.

It is designed to help you get a rapid start with offshoring for your Accounting business.

 If your business is not Accounting, you should select the standard Master Class instead for a lower cost - please select it here


NEW Content for Accountanting Firms:

  1. How the industry is changing and offshoring is helping with that change
  2. Which tasks and roles Accounting firms are starting with offshore, and how they are evolving their businesses.
    What skills you will NOT find, and what you will need to train them on.
  3. The details of several specialist Accounting staff providers have arisen in the last two years, and what are the benefits of using a specialist provider.


Register now and recieve a free copy of Scott Linden Jones' book - The Third Wave.



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Master Class Accounting - Single Ticket$150.00
Master Class IT & Accounting - Multiple Tickets$125.00