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Monday workshop options - BOTH WORKSHOPS ARE FULL

You will be asked to choose one whilst registering for the two-day event, or workshop only.

9:00 AM
  • Option 1: Codesign and evaluation for social innovation WORKSHOP FULL

    Codesign and evaluation for social innovation (WORKSHOP FULL)

    This workshop explores how co-design and evaluative practice are being brought together to support new and developmental ways of working across national and local government, NGOs, business, frontline workers and community members.

    Co-design is increasingly being referred to and used in the context of developing social policy, programmes and innovations and for driving ‘social innovation’. Tools from design and co-design are gaining traction as a means to better understand and respond to complex social challenges through a human-centred and systems lens.

    The workshop will explore:

    • a working definition of co-design for social innovation
    • the relationship between co-design and evaluative practice
    • critical contexts shaping co-design (place, culture, timing)

    This will be an interactive workshop were we will be looking to build our mutual understanding of the opportunities of this integrative space. The workshop material will draw upon practice and research with collaborators from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. This recent research has been focused on the local and cultural dimensions of co-design and place-based social innovation initiatives.

    Who should attend:

    Level: This workshop is primarily aimed at those wanting to know more about co-design, and no prior knowledge is assumed.

    Penny Hagen

    Dr Penny Hagen assists organisations and teams to apply co-design and design-led approaches to... More

    8 hours
  • Option 2: Evaluation across the design cycle WORKSHOP FULL

    Evaluation across the design cycle (WORKSHOP FULL)

    Co-design and social innovation processes are becoming more and more prevalent in Australia. There is a massive opportunity to strengthen designs with evaluative thinking and practice. Robust theory of change can add a strong outcomes focus to designs, and evaluation can strengthen prototypes and pilots. Evaluation is critical when it comes to later stage pilots and proving impact in a defensible manner. Yet many designers don’t think to draw on the skills of evaluation or evaluators.

    This workshop is specifically aimed at designers who want to build more evaluation into their practice. We’ll explore how evaluative thinking and tools can be applied at different phases of the design cycle. We use a practical case study of a design process to lift school attendance in a disadvantaged school. Participants will be invited to practice some hands-on exercises in small groups. The workshop will include a mix of presentation and small-group experiential process. And we’ll provide a great tool kit for you to take away, and try and answer all your questions!

    Who should attend

    Level: Assumes a basic knowledge of design, but doesn’t require participants to know much about the field of evaluation.

    Jess Dart

    Dr Jess Dart is the founder and CEO of Clear Horizon – an Australian-based specialist... More

    8 hours