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Earlybird ends 30th June

Closing Date 8th July

About FAC 2024

The organisation for the 25th joint meeting held by kConFab, ISK, ABCFS, ACCFS, Lifepool and the Family Cancer Clinics of Australia for August - September 2023 is progressing well and we will hold a face-to-face and on-line meeting.

Although the named consortia are funded in very different ways and have no official connections, all groups share a common interest in familial and population based cancer. For example, kConFab recruits families at high genetic risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer through Family Cancer Clinics located in every State and Territory of Australia and return our research generated germ-line mutation test results back to family members and the relevant treating FCC. In one sense kConFab is the research arm of the national Family Cancer Clinics. Many of the consortia members are health professionals (medical oncologists, surgeons, genetic counsellors, cancer specialists, research scientists) working in the Family Cancer Clinics and major research institutions through-out Australia and New Zealand.

A joint annual meeting has particular value for the groups mentioned as it provides a forum to develop and discuss new research findings, clinical trials and implementation of technologies about families with multiple cases of breast, ovarian, prostate, endometrial melanoma, sarcoma, leukaemia and colorectal cancers.


FAC 2024 will be hybrid

FAC 2024 will be delivered in a hybrid format, combining an  in-person conference experience with an online component.

In-Person attendees will experience all the usual highlights of the FAC meeting, including leading keynote presentations, opportunity to submit abstracts to present an oral or poster presentation, opportunity to attend breakout sessions, networking opportunities and an industry exhibition.

Virtual attendees will be able to view the live-streamed presentations in the plenary sessions and participate in the Q & A. They also have the opportunity to submit abstracts and present an oral or poster presentation.

Topics to be Covered

Themes for the Family Cancer Clinic Day include:

27th August

  • Male cancers: prostate, breast, testicular
  • Skin cancer genetics: BCC and syndromes
  • Psychosocial aspects of family communication, family dynamics, guilt, and shame
  • CRC - polyposis and tumourgenesis in syndromes vs general population, treatments, and surveillance.

Themes for the combined clinical, scientific and psychosocial meeting:

28th - 30th August

  • Breast, ovarian, prostate, sarcoma, colorectal cancer, haematological malignancies, paediatric cancer susceptibility/predisposition
  • Polygenic Risk Score and cancer risk
  • Cancer signatures to direct treatment
  • The value of surveillance in changing clinical practice
  • Early cancer detection research programs
  • Imaging biomarkers of breast cancer risk and response to treatment
  • Variant curation and bioinformatics 

Confirmed International Speakers

Helen Davies, Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre, Cambridge, UK

Susan Domchek, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Robert Bristow. CRUK Manchester Institute, UK

Kevin Monahan, St Mark’s Hospital, UK

Helen Davies

Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre
Cambridge, UK

Kevin Monahan

The St Mark’s Centre for Familial Intestinal Cancer
Dr Monahan undertook his PhD at Cancer Research UK and at St Mark’s Hospital, and has... More

Robert Bristow

Manchester Cancer Research Centre
Professor Robert Bristow joined the University of Manchester as Director of the Manchester... More

Susan Domcheck

Perelman School of Medicine
A medical oncologist and the Director of the Basser Center at the Perelman School of Medicine.... More

Organising Committee

Cassie Nichols

Daniel Buchanan, The University of Melbourne

Eliza Courtney

Finlay Macrae 

Heather Thorne

John Hopper, The University of Melbourne

Laura Forrest

Melissa Southey, Monash University, Melbourne

Milita Zaheed, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney

Rachel Williams, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney

Simon Troth


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