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Guest speakers

Sharon Gollan

Sharon Gollan & Associates
Sharon Gollan has strong affinity with and is an active community member of the Ngarrindjeri... More

Sharon Clarke

Sharon Clarke is Wergaia, Wemba Wemba, and Djadwajali on her mother’s side which is in the... More

Skye Trudgett

Skye is a proud mother and First Nations woman who is currently completing a PhD in Indigenous... More

Kathleen Stacey

beyond...(Kathleen Stacey & Associates) Pty Ltd
Kathleen Stacey is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at beyond... She spent her... More

John Stoney

President, Australian Evaluation Society
John is the outgoing President of the AES Board. John was elected as President in 2018 and sat... More

Margaret Crawford

Margaret Crawford commenced as the Auditor-General of New South Wales in April 2016. She has... More

Mary Abdo

Mary is the Managing Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation in Singapore. She... More