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The MS Australia Progress in MS Research Conference invites authors to submit abstracts for oral presentation and poster display.

Abstract submissions close 11:59pm AEST time on Monday, 14 August 2023.


  • Abstracts can only be accepted if submitted online via the abstract portal.
  • Abstract deadline is Monday, 14 August 2023. 
  • Please submit as early as possible prior to the deadline (in case you experience technical problems). 
  • Abstracts will be accepted from any theme/field of MS research, however, to assist us in processing abstracts please select a relevant theme.
  • Please select the theme most relevant to your abstract, do not submit the same abstract under different themes. There is an ‘Other’ category if your abstract does not fit a theme.
  • A selected number of abstracts will be accepted for oral presentation based on scientific merit and relevance to the conference key themes. 
  • Abstracts must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file, written in English and not exceed 300 words in length (excluding authors). 
  • Author affiliations must be provided in the following format: Group (optional), Department, University/Institute. 
  • Do not use special characters such as (: # = & * { } [ ] ) in your title.
  • Abstracts must be structured according to the following subheadings: 
       + Abstract Title (max. 20 words)
       + Keywords (max. 5 words)
       + Background (max. 45 words)
       + Objective (max. 45 words)
       + Methods (max. 70 words)
       + Results (max. 70 words)
       + Conclusion (max. 45 words)
  • A high-resolution photo of the first author must be submitted with the abstract (max file size is 1MB). 
  • You will be notified on the outcome of your abstract submission in September 2023. 
  • The first author will be considered the contact author for the abstract, only 2 abstracts per first author will be accepted.
  • At the time of submission, please confirm your consent to being considered as a presenter in plain language at the community session (Friday).
  • After submission, emails concerning the abstract will be sent to the principal author of the abstract. Please ensure that emails from the event administrators are not considered as spam by your email provider. 
  • At least one author of each successful abstract must register for the event. 
  • Please do not include references or diagrams. 
  • Please avoid abbreviations and citations in the abstract. 
  • Please avoid complex mathematical formulae and Greek letters. 
  • Please use generic drug names. 
  • All funding sources should be acknowledged at the end of the abstract, this is not included within the word count.
  • Unsuccessful abstracts for oral presentation will automatically be considered for poster presentation, you will be notified of the outcome accordingly. 
  • Abstracts may be published in a journal and on the event website, please indicate if you do not want your abstract to published at the time of submission.


  • Health Behaviour and Modifiable Lifestyle Choices in MS
  • Lab to Clinic for Myelin Repair 
  • Lived Experience & Community Involvement in Research
  • Neuroimmunology



  1. Lifestyle and Environment (Epidemiology)
  2. Genetics/Epigenetics
  3. Novel Therapeutics
  4. MS & Gender
  5. Glial Biology
  6. Rehabilitation, Symptom Management (Social and Applied)
  7. Progressive MS
  8. Immunology
  9. Human Pathogenesis
  10. Clinical Outcomes
  11. Other


Progress in MS Research Conference Bursary

The MS Australia Progress in MS Research Conference Bursary provides support for the best and brightest students undertaking research in MS to attend our 2023 Progress in MS Research Conference. The bursary will cover the registration cost for the conference.

To be eligible, students need to be enrolled in a postgraduate research program at a recognised Australian research institute, and have submitted an abstract to present at the 2023 Progress in MS Research Conference.

Email Organiser & Event Location


Pan Pacific Perth
Conference Floor - Pan Pacific Perth
207 Adelaide Terrace
Western Australia Australia 6000

Event Organiser

Conference Secretariat, MS Australia
08 7071 1010

Email Organiser