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Welcome to the 2025 Parkinson’s Australia National Conference, where our theme is CONNECTION.

Parkinson’s Australia is excited to host people living with Parkinson’s, carers, support partners, family, health professionals, specialists and researchers to Canberra to CONNECT with each other.

  • Connect with the world’s leading Parkinson’s researchers.
  • Connect with other people living with Parkinson’s.
  • Connect with allied health professionals who specialise in Parkinson’s.
  • Connect with carers and support partners.
  • Connect with providers that can support you with products, services and support.

The conference is Australia’s leading event exploring innovative research into the causes, prevention, improved treatments, daily living and wellbeing and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s.

The conference is designed to provide the Parkinson’s community with research updates from Australia and around the world, evidence-based practices on how to live well with Parkinson’s, and to provide the community with the opportunity to socialise, exchange thoughts and the space to connect.

The conference will provide two streams – a scientific and a wellbeing stream. The scientific stream will present research relating to the theme “How we are trying to solve Parkinsons from cause to cure”. The wellbeing stream will focus on living well with Parkinson’s from panels of health professionals and people with lived experience. We will also have a dedicated space for carers, support people, and care partners to connect, educate and learn together.

Day One is specifically designed for Health Professionals. We invite GPs, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Podiatrists, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Pharmacists, Physios and students in any of these areas with an interest in Parkinson's or wanting to learn more about the condition to attend. There will be targeted education regarding medications, devices and advanced treatments.

CONNECTION is a direct reflection of people affected by Parkinson’s, researchers, carers and support partners, movement disorder specialists all coming together to exchange and learn from each other. This opportunity to connect is invaluable.

The Parkinson’s Australia team looks forward to welcoming you to Canberra,

Olivia Nassaris
Chief Executive Officer

Conference Committee

The conference committee includes:

  • Eileen Willis 

  • Kevin McAney 

  • Jeff Smart 

  • Jennifer Harkness

  • Paula Argyropoulos

  • Nikki Brown

  • Sandra Gerschwitz

  • Leonie Wetherall

  • Michael Wiseman

  • Marthese Wiseman

  • Sonya Enkelman

  • Karyn Wright

  • Jaymi Kingston

  • Craig Gillespie

  • Hannah Moltoni

  • Leigh Moltoni

  • Dione Evans

  • Sally Macdonald

  • Glenn Rees 

  • Olivia Nassaris

  • Tina Gillespie

  • Ben Fleming

  • Angela Arkadieff


Email Organiser & Event Location


National Convention Centre Canberra
31 Constitution Avenue
Australian Capital Territory Australia 2601

Event Organiser

Conference Secretariat, Parkinson's Australia
08 7071 1010

Email Organiser