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Exhibition terms and conditions

University of Waikato, 2023 Career Expos

A business or organization may only cancel their registration by written notification to the University.
A fee of 50% to 100% will be applied to any cancellation and is determined by the notice period specified below.

  • Where the Hirer cancels a registration giving 30 days or one calendar month before any 2023 Career Expos, a full refund will be given. A business or organization may opt to attend an alternative 2023 Career Expo to replace the cancellation, but are not automatically guaranteed a place at this choice. 
  • Where the Hirer cancels a registration, giving 14-30 days notice, a 50% refund may be applicable.
  • For cancellations less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event, the organization shall pay the full registration fee. No refunds are given.

The person registering for any 2023 Career Expos (and the business or organisations employees, contractors, performers, agents and invitees) shall comply with all applicable procedures, policies and operational requirements of the University and any code of practice or policy applicable to the University’s land, venue and events. 

All registered persons shall immediately notify the University of any Hazards or risks which the Hirer becomes aware of at the venue and of any incident, accident or unsafe behavior at the venue or event.

The University of Waikato emergency procedure manual can be viewed here.

The University of Waikato - Tauranga emergency procedure manual can be viewed here

Parking charges apply at the University of Waikato Hamilton campus for more information please click here