iVvy makes organising your event easy by allowing you to see live availability of venues where you can make an enquiry or a booking directly with the property. It is different to other directories because it is the only one that shows live availability of venues.
To make a booking on iVvy search for a venue that matches your needs and click on the “Book Now” button. This will take you to an easy to use form where you can choose your booking requirements.
Depending on the nature of your event, it may not be possible for you to make a live booking. Each venue can set rules that determine what can be booked live, and what can’t.
You will need to contact the venue directly to discuss any changes to your booking.
To cancel a booking you will need to contact the venue directly – each venue has different cancellation and refund terms.
With iVvy you can pay the deposit for your event with Visa or Mastercard. Any additional payments for your booking are made directly to the property through their own payment facilities.
Not all venues on the Marketplace display live availability. Venues that do are listed above those that don’t.

When you choose “Book now & pay later” you are reserving the space so that no one else can book it. You have to make a payment within a set period otherwise your booking will be cancelled.

Each venue can set what this period is, and it will be displayed when you checkout under Payment Options.

Once you have made your payment, you will receive an email with a summary of the event booking, and an invoice that you need to pay by the due date. There are no costs if you choose to not pay within this period, although this will be recorded against your account and displayed as a ‘reliability score’ to the next venue you make a booking for.

When you checkout, choose the “I only want accommodation” option to only book group accommodation.
Clicking on the “Enquire” button will send an an enquiry directly to the property. This will make it easy for them to quickly answer any questions you have, and provide you a quote for your event.
The deposit amount is set by the property. The amount will be displayed during the checkout process.
When you make a booking, choose the “Book now & pay later” option. You will receive an email with the payment instructions. You can forward this email to the person who will be making the payment.
Each venue can set their own due dates for payments.