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St Vincent's Melbourne Research Week 2024

This year's St Vincent's Melbourne Research Week will be held from Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August.


St Vincent's Melbourne Research Week is an annual celebration of research excellence within the precinct, showcasing the groundbreaking discoveries and fostering collaboration between clinicians, scientists, and the wider community. This year, in collaboration with ACMD Partners, we are thrilled to present an engaging and dynamic 4-day virtual event that promises to illuminate the latest advancements in medical research.


The broad aims of the St Vincent's Melbourne Research Week are to:

  • Encourage excellence in on-campus research
  • Promote interaction between clinicians and scientists on the campus
  • Provide opportunities for researchers in different disciplines (allied health, clinical, nursing and scientific) to present their work at the same forum
  • Contribute to evidence-based healthcare and highlight the range of research technologies and resources that draw the campus together.


As part of the program, we are inviting researchers to share their latest findings and contribute to the vibrant research community at SVHM. Please refer to the Abstracts webpage for more information regarding abstract submission.



Use the details below or the contact form to the right to get in touch.

Research Week Program Manager 03 9231 6971