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Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (41ACCMCC)

Dec 2018
09:00 AM
Millennium Hotel, Rotorua, 1270 Hinemaru Street PO Box 1044 Rotorua New Zealand 3010


Registered participants may present a contributed talk at the conference. Each such talk will be 20 minutes long, with an additional 5 minutes between talks.

  • Download the files absSurname.tex and cmsa-abs.sty.
  • Replace "Surname" in the filename "absSurname.tex" by the surname of the speaker.
  • Enter the speaker's name, abstract, and other information in the file. The abstract should be between one paragraph and half a page in length.
  • Do not edit the file cmsa-abs.sty.
  • Check that the file compiles without errors using pdflatex.
  • Email the file to with subject line "abstract submission".

Abstracts should be submitted by Monday 19th November, 9am (NZ time).


Below is a draft of the programme and talks, last updated 11 December 2018.