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Meet our Invited Speakers

stylized image of Drosophila

Azusa Kamikouchi

Nagoya University
A professor of neuroscience at the Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University, Japan. Her... More

Brian Oliver

A senior investigator and section chief of the Developmental Genomics Section​, and the... More

Chao Tong

Zhejiang University
Dr. Chao Tong obtained her Ph. D. degree from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and did... More

Chi-Hon Lee

Academia Sinica,Taiwan
A distinguished research fellow and the Director of the institute of cellular and organismic... More

Christen Mirth

Monash University
Christen Mirth was awarded her PhD in 2002 from University of Cambridge (UK) and conducted her... More

Claude Desplan

New York University
A Silver Professor of Biology and of Neuroscience at NYU and an Affiliate Professor at the CGSB... More

Fengwei Yu

Temasek, Singapore
A neurobiologist at Temasek, Singapore. Fengwei received his PhD degree at Institute of... More

Heinrich Jasper

A Principle Fellow at Genentech, focusing on treating age related and chronic diseases. After... More

Hongyan Wang

Duke NUS, Singapore
A neurodevelopmental biologist and Professor at Duke NUS, Singapore. Wang uses Drosophila and... More

Hugo Bellen

Baylor College of Medicine
A Drosophila geneticist recognized for developing numerous genetic tools and for generating fly... More

Justin Kumar

Indiana University 
Justin Kumar is a Professor within the Biology Department at Indiana University in Bloomington,... More

Krystyna Keleman

The University of Queensland
Krystyna Keleman is a Senior Research Fellow at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) since... More

Leonie Quinn

Australian National University
After completing her PhD studies in Adelaide (1999) and conducting postdoctoral research at the... More

Linda Partridge

University College London
Linda Partridge works on the biology of ageing. Her research is directed to understanding the... More

Lolitika Mandal

IISER Mohali
An associate professor at the Department of Biological sciences at IISER Mohali. She is the head... More

Louise Cheng

A/Prof Louise Cheng is an ARC Future Fellow (2019-2022), jointly appointed at the Sir Peter... More

Marek Mlodzik

Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
A Professor and chair of cell, developmental and regenerative biology at Icahn School of... More

Maria Dolores Martin-Bermudo

Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo

Markus Affolter

Biozentrum University of Basel
A developmental biologist and Professor at the Biozentrum University of Basel, Switzerland.... More

Wu-Min Deng

Lousiana Cancer Research Center
Dr. Deng's laboratory is interested in how cell-cell and cell-tissue microenvironment... More

Youngseok Lee

Kookmin University
Professor in Department of Bio and Fermentation Convergence Technology, Kookmin University,... More

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