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Preliminary Program

Confirmed Titles

Neural-circuit basis of song preference learning in flies

Azusa Kamikouchi


Mitochondria, autophagy and neurodegeneration

Chao Tong


Routing Dendrites in Drosophila Visual Neurons

Chi-Hon Lee


Regulating development across environmental conditions
Christen Mirth


The generation and evolution of neural diversity

Claude Desplan


Mechanisms of Dendrite Pruning of Nociceptive Sensory Neurons in Drosophila

Fengwei Yu


Waking up sleeping neural stem cells

Hongyan Wang


Fruitflies to study rare and common diseases

Hugo Bellen


Mechanisms of memory formation and persistence

Krystyna Keleman 


Neuroblasts and Glia. Let’s talk

Leonie Quinn


Ageing in Drosophila: a gut feeling

Linda Partridge


A conserved nutrient responsive axis mediates degradation of miRNA-mRNA hybrids in blood cell progenitors

Lolitika Mandal


Understanding inter-organ crosstalk in cancer cachexia

Louise Cheng


Wnt/Wg-signaling: non-ciliary functions of ciliary protein in the Wnt-pathways

Marek Mlodzik


Shaping epithelia by modulating cell-ECM interactions

Maria Dolores Martin-Bermudo


Probing morphogens with synthetic receptors in vivo

Markus Affolter


Intestinal Stem Cell Aging: local and systemic effects

Heinich Jasper


Polyploidy in development, stress and cancer

Wu-Min Deng


Taste in Drosophila: attractive or aversive

Youngseok Lee